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Scooters and Skateboards on Shabbos


I recently saw boys going to shul on scooters and skateboards is that a problem


For a young child it would be considered a toy, however for older children and adults it should not be done because it is uvdin d’chol (weekday like, and not the type of thing we do on Shabbos).


Piskei Teshuvos 248 ftnt. 33, Orchos Shabbos 19-ftnt. 95, Nishmas Shabbos 6-281, R’ Y. Berkowitz Shlit”a, Poskim.

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  1. Hi- is it assur for adults to be riding scooters on shabbos? Or just not shabbosdik? Thank you

    1. If it isn’t Shabbosdik then it shouldn’t be done. This is what uvdin d’chol is. IF you want to know if it is a melacha, no it isn’t.

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