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Question about fleishig bowl


If someone took a plastic fleishig bowl (that was not used for 24 hours for fleishig) and placed it on a milchig counter, filled it with hot water from an urn that is used for milchig (i.e. coffee, milk can get splashed on the spout sometimes). Then used a milchig knife to cut lemon slices and put it in the hot water bowl. What is the status of the knife, bowl, and counter.



Thank you for your question.

Everything is fine, and it’s status didn’t change. The counter is still milchig, because the bowl, even if it is hot, and even if it will spill, will not make the counter fleishig, and the bowl is eino ben yomo. The knife, is still milchig, because all it did was cut a pareve lemon. Even the bowl is still fleishig. The reason is because the water in the bowl was only a kli sheini, and b’dieved we say that it didn’t absorb, the taste of the knife. Secondly there was most probable more water than 60 times the blade of the knife.

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