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Shaboss tooth brush and regular toothpaste


Hi, assuming I don’t usually bleed. If I have a Shaboss tooth brush (all rubber) and use regular tooth paste on Shaboss, and don’t wet the tooth brush, would there be any problems. Schita? Memareach?


Here are the halachos regarding brushing teeth on Shabbos.

Many people[1] have to custom not to brush their teeth on שבת, however one may brush his teeth on שבת, provided that a few conditions are met.

  1. If the bristles are densely packed, the toothbrush should not be wet when brushing with it. If one wants to specifically brush his teeth while his mouth is wet, he may either wet his mouth with water and then spit the water out before brushing his teeth, or brush his teeth when his mouth is full of water.
  2. One must be careful not to brush his teeth if he knows that it will cause his gums to bleed.
  3. One should not put use toothpaste because that will be ממרח. If one is using a liquid toothpaste (not a gel), he may put a little toothpaste on his finger, rub it on his teeth and then brush his teeth.
  4. One should not wash off the toothbrush after using it because he is preparing it for the next day.


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