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Laundry on Rosh Chodesh


Hello Rabbi,
Is Rosh Chodesh over at sundown on Sunday 3/14 or 3/15? Is it permitted to do laundry on Monday, 3/15? And, even among those with the custom not to do work on Rosh Chodesh, it running the dishwasher included in that or is it permitted to run the dishwasher?

Thank you so much.



  1. Yes, you may do laundry on Monday, and even on Sunday evening once Rosh Chodesh is over. Additionally this minhag only applies to women doing laundry. It is an added Yom Tov for them because they didn’t want to give their jewelry for the golden calf, and therefore they were given an extra Yom Tov. Men however may do laundry even on Rosh Chodesh, as they don’t have this Yom Tov.
  2.  The minhag only applies to washing laundry, but not to washing dishes, whether by hand or with a dishwasher.

Best wishes


Orach Chaim 417-1 M:B 417-3.

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