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Showering on Rosh Chodesh


Hello Rabbi,
1. Is it permitted to shower, wash the floor, and go shopping (for food or otherwise) on Rosh Chodesh?

2. Does water count for it to not be fasting?

3. If laundry is not permitted, is it from the night before or the day of (so for March 2021, would it be from Saturday night to Sunday night or Sunday night to Monday night?

Thank you for your patience.



  1. The only melachos that women have the minhag not do to on Rosh Chodesh are sewing knitting and washing laundry. Therefore it is permitted to shower, wash the floor, and go shopping on Rosh Chodesh.
  2. A person who drinks water can not be called as to having fasted, therefore by driniing water on Rosh Chodesh it would be considered as to have not fasted.
  3. Rosh Codesh is from the beginning of the Jewish calander date, which for this mionth is from After Shabbos until Sunday evening.

Have a good Chodesh


Shevet halevi 6-50, Halichos Shlomo ( Rosh Chodesh) 1-22 Dvar Halacha 34-35.

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