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Wheat product bracha


A packaged box of small crackers shows ingredients only of grain, wheat, etc. with corn starch and no sweetener, just salt and herbs. Outside packaging has Hechsherim but no indication on Bracha. Inside the box are the wrapped product which says Mezonos. The Mashgiach of the manufacturer says it is Mezonos since it is just a snack size and not a meal size. But the ingredients are for a Bracha of Hamotzi. The Rabbi that inquired in my behalf said it is Hamotzi as I claimed it should be. Question: Can I use it for each situation with the relative Bracha of Mezonot for snacks and Hamotzi at a meal?



Although the cracker’s ingredients would make it hamotzei, however because it is cracker-like and due to its size, it is not meant to be the mainstay bread of a meal. Therefore it is considered pas haba’ah b’kisnin, and even if you eat it during a meal, its bracha will be mezonos. Unless under the circumatnces, the pas haba’ah bkisnin would become hamotzei, (you eat enough of it).


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  1. What is “enough” in your reply. I make a Bracha on two לחם משנה but eat only a small ״כזית״ at the meal since I have no desire to eat bread or challah. If that is “enough” that is fine but it certainly doesn’t constitute a meal as you wrote. MI suggest you eat a full meal after a similar amount of an המוציא.

    1. Enough means the normal amount that a person has to eat of pas haba’ah b’kisnin in order to bentch. A kzayis is far from this amount

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