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Which category of food?


Which category of food would these crackers fall into with these ingredients? :

organic spelt wheat, organic flax seeds, sea salt

If one ate them in place of bread and had enough for a meal, would that change things?

thank you


From what you are writing it sounds like it is mezonos. However if you will eat enough cookies as you would eat for a real meal then the bracha would be hamotzei.

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It is controversial how much has to be eaten it order to have to have to wash and make hamotzei, some say 4 eggs worth and some say that it is the amount that one would eat if a main meal was eaten only with bread. That is why it is best to just avoid getting into the issue and not eat more than 8 ounces at one time.


O:CH 168-6, Sharei Habracha 16-59,60.


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