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Hotel Room Chol Hamoed Pesach


If checking into a hotel on chol hamoed Pesach is there any issues with mini bar in hotel room?
Yes you don’t really own it…

Let’s say they won’t charge you until they come into your room and see it’s missing, does that make any difference?

Thank you and tizku limitzvos


The bar is problematic because you have responsibility over the chometz that is there, even if it isn’t yours, because if something happens to the chometz you will be charged for it. You should request that he staff of the hotel remove the chometz before you take the room. Alternatively, you can let them know that you don’t ‘ant the chometz items there and that you do not take any responsibility for the chometz that is there. In addition to this even if you don’t have responsibility for the chometz, you have to ensure that you won’t accidentally use it. For this you should seal the refrigerator, or any other place that the chometz of the hotel is stored.

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