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Questions for Passover 2021


1. Can egg matzah be eaten on Friday and Saturday this year as Passover begins on Saturday night?

2. Can potatoes be eaten during Passover? (Is it a custom or law to peel vegetables and fruits?)

3. Is wax coating on fruits and vegetables a problem during Passover?

4. Is it custom or law to avoid garlic, etc? Is horseradish okay?

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  1. The minhag of the Ashkenazim is basically not to eat egg matzoh on erev Pesach ,which is Shabbos this year. Some Ashkenazim however do eat it until the end of the fourth hour of the day. The time we are not allowed to eat chometz Shabbos morning. Sefardim may eat it until the beginmning of the tenth hour of the day on Shabbos Please see the following post
  2. It is permitted to eat potatoes of Pesach, in fact for many it is a fundemental food on Pesach. There are some who have the custom not to eat anything that itsn’t peeled, however if you don’t havethis minhag you don’t have to be concerned about it.
  3. ¬†According to R’ A. Blukmenkrantz zt”l that for Pesach all fruits and vegetables should be peeled or at least washed with dishwashing detergent and scrubbed in order to remove the wax that might be on them which might contain kitnios.
  4. Halachicaly it is permitted to eat garlic on Pesach. There are people who have the minhag not to eat garlic because they used to grow them near wheat feilds and wheat occasioally got mixed in to them. Horshradish is ok, in fact this is what may people use horshradish for marror by the seder. Prepared horshradish can not be used for the marror because it has beets, vinegar and other ingredients.

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