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Sell chometz gummer if can’t afford food


I normally sell everything that even contains a slight amount of chometz.

This year I’m a single mother with a few children and my income doesn’t cover the household food expenses. I am therefore always worried if I will have enough food. Currently due to the pandemic, we received food boxes b”H. I will have left for Pesach lots of chometz (bread, crackers, farina, oats, cheerios, flour, matzah) from those food boxes.

I heard I might be receiving less food after Pesach then what I got before Pesach through the program. Due to a specific reason there is no way I can verify this so there is a slight possibility I will continue to receive enough food. If I end up getting less food from the program then I wouldn’t have enough food for my family and would need to scramble to find where to get food like bread etc. And it would likely mean depending on tzedaka to get food.

Therefore, what is the right thing to do? Throw out all chometz gummer and depend on others to have enough food after Pesach? Or throw out the chometz gummer and trust in Hashem that just like we survived till now, he’ll help me.



There are people who are machmir and don’t sell chametz gamur as a chumra. However in instances when selling the chametz gamur will entail a large loss, the poskim say that it is totally permitted to sell the chametz. Therefore in your situation where you are very tight, and you need the food, it is permitted to sell the chametz, and that is what you should do. When you sell your chametz with your Rov, you should mention to him that you want to be matir neder on the chumra of not selling chametz gamur.
Hashem should send you an abundance of parnassa and everything else that you need
Best wishes

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