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Tehillim and davening for cholim


1.Many times I am asked to say Tehillim for someone I don’t know through an announcement online or in a newspaper . Then I have no way of knowing if the person still needs to be davened for or not. If I have no way of finding out their condition is there a specific length of time I should continue to say Tehillim for them?
2. Who is one supposed to daven for in the rafaeinu section of the shmone Esrei. This year my Tehilim list for cholim is very very long, should I mention all of them in this section or leave them all for when I say Tehilim



It is hard to give you a specific amount of time, because some people are sick for only a short time, while for others it is long. What might help you is when you get a person’s name you can tell, based on the illness if their name might need to be there for a while or not. If it is difficult for you to keep such a long list, you can save it for hen you say Tehillim, so you ae not standing then. Alternatively you might want to make a general list, and then you can say that you mean to daven for all the people on the list.
May all the sick people have a refuah shleima
Best wishes


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