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Receiving a chameitz package on Pesach


I may be receiving a vitamin order on pesach which contains chametz. How do I handle this?



If the vitamins are tablets, and therefore not suitable for even a dog to eat (which is the halachic criteria for chametz), than you may accept the chametz. However, it is preferable not to swallow these vitamins even though the chametz is inedible.

If the vitamins are chewable vitamins and therefore have a flavor, one should not receive such a package on Pesach. In case of necessity, please let us know so that we can further guide you regarding this issue.

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Regarding vitamins that contain chametz: see Chazzon Ish O:CH 116:8, Igros Moshe O:CH 2 siman 92, Kobetz Teshuvos (Rav Elyashiv) Y:D 72-73, Or Letzion Perek 8 Dinai Ta’aroves Chametz אות ב, Chut Hashani Pesach Perek 7 תערובת חמץ, Halichos Shlomo Chametz אות ו, Shmiras Shabbos Kehilchaso chelek 1 page 659, Tzitz Eliezer Chelek Yud Siman 25 Perek 20 seif katan 2 (משום ישראל קדושים הם יש לחזר לכתחילה (אחרי כל הדרכים שלא יהא בהם כל תערובות חמץ שהן.

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