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Spending L’Kavod Shabbos


I’ve always had this question and it’s always seemed so vague. How much can one spend l’kavod shabbos, in concrete terms? Is it possible to define? How do I know if i’m spending too little and lacking emunah? Or spending too much and using shabbos as an “excuse” to buy myself nice things? As a major fan of scotch, I could easily drop $2000 on a single 750ml bottle (brora 30 for example). I would never buy that if I didn’t believe I was being sponsored by HaShem, and guaranteed to get the money back, it’s way out of my budget normally, but on Shabbos I get paid back, right? So wouldn’t it only make sense for me to buy, and if I don’t i’m missing out for no reason, I mean it would definitely enhance my Shabbos like nothing else on earth.
On the other hand, something sounds off about that. I’m not sure why but I don’t think that’s the right hashkafa. The idea that HaShem pays for everything for Shabbos sounds really nice, but what are the limits, what does it mean practically? Thanks.




The rule of thumb is that whatever you, according to your financial situation, would serve a distinguished guest, is considered a ‘Shabbos expense’. It seems that you would not serve a distinguished guest a $2000 bottle of whiskey, therefore you cannot include it as a Shabbos expense.

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