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Used meat hand blender in parve container


Thank you for your help!
Another question My son used a meat hand blender that was not used for more than 24 hours to make a sauce of mayonnaise onion and garlic and tomato paste. He used a pareve plastic container to blend it all together. Now what is the din of the plastic container? what is the din of the sauce can it be eaten with milk products or is it cheskas meat. please let me know as soon as possible.




The plastic container is still parve, since a hand blender does not press on the plastic, rather the blade turns in a circular motion.

The sauce cannot be eaten with milk, because the onions that are in the sauce are fleishig (Shulchan Aruch Y:D 96:1). However, one does not have to wait after eating the sauce before eating dairy (Rebbe Akiva Eiger Y:D 89 ד”ה דהוי נ”ט בר נ”ט).

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