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Blood on finger



  1. If one puts vaseline on lips with finger and then realizes there was blood on the finger, is this like eating blood? If one.may have even licked lips?
  2. And if after serving food and potentially touching it, if one noticed blood on fingers should the entire bag (e.g cereal) be tossed.?

I don’t like waste but I know blood is prohibited.

Thank you. I feel anxious about this



  1. Human blood is not biblically prohibited, and is only not eaten because it appear to look like blood. If however the blood got mixed into something and it isn’t visible the item is permitted to eat. Therefore if the blood got mixed into the Vaseline and now it isn’t visible you don’t have to worry.
  2. The same would apply to any minute amount of blood that got mixed into the cereal and now you can’t find it. You should not throw out the cereal, as you may eat it without concern.

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Rema Y:D 66-10

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  1. Thank you. But what if the blood was visible on the finger and got.on the lip and was licked? It could then look like eating blood. Thank you

    1. If you can see the blood you have to wipe it off.

      1. But it was seen after the fact…that is why I feel badly
        Because I may have gotten blood on my lips and then maybe in mouth.

        1. I don’t think you should be concerned about this, because you don’t even know for sure that this is what happened.

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