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Using Maaser for someone who was niftar


Ruben´s uncle passed away (not married). Is it ok for Ruben to pay for his uncle´s burial with maaser money? If the answer is yes, what if he already paid? could he considered the money he gave like maaser money?
Could he use maaser to pay someone to say kaddish for his uncle?


If his uncle doesn’t have anyone that will pay for his burial, it is a mitzva for Reuven to pay for it, and he may use maaser money for it. He may even take off the money from his maaser money. The same would apply to saying kaddish, since he is not personally obligated to say kaddish for him, he may use maaser money to hire someone to say it.

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Sheris Simcha 30, Tedakah Umishpat 6-6, BorachTzedakah 11-21,


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