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Sweeping with Broom and dust pan on Shabbos


Can someone sweep with a broom and dust pan on shabbos especially this Shabbos when bread or egg matza are being eaten for Friday night and early morning Shabbos meal erev Pesach falling out on Shabbos?



It is permitted to sweep the crums that are on the floor indide your house. Even if the area you are sweeping is a raised porch or patio, it is permitted (but not out of the Eruv). If it is a plain earthen floor, it may not be swept, but a goy may be asked to do it, or a Jew may do it with a shinui such as putting a cloth on the broom. As a practical point it is a good ideas for eveyone to put a coth over the broom so your brrom won’t have chometz on the bottom.

As a side point many have the minhag not to eat egg matzoh on Pesach.

Chag Kasher V’sameach



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