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Soap on kosher for Pesach food


I was at the grocery buying vegetables for Pesach. The cashier sprayed the counter with a cleaner before I proceeded. After I loaded the counter with bags of vegetables, I noticed there were some areas she missed when drying and some bags got a bit of soap on them (some bags were not sealed).
I have no idea which soap it was. Is it a problem if soap got on some items? (and I cannot even be certain if it did)



The bags are still kosher for Pesach, because the soap didn’t make them chametz. The soap is not edible and surely not chametz.

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  1. I’m referring specifically to thr vegetables, not the bags. It may have touched some onions. Last year I was washing dishes and some soap spritzed on nearby food. That’s not a problem on Pesach? Just want to be sure.

    1. The same would apply to the vegetables.

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