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Erev Pesach on Shabbos


Questions for Pesach:
1. Until when can one do laundry given that Pesach is Saturday? Could it even be done Friday morning?

2. If mint waxed floss is not permitted and one does not sell chometz (instead he/she gets rid of it), is it permitted to own this floss and use it after Pesach?

3. Is it permitted to go to regular psychotherapy sessions during chol hoamoed?
thank you very much



  1. This year erev Shabbos is not erev Pesach, therefore there is no issue with doing laundry after chatzos. However, since it is erev Shabbos the regular halachos of laundry apply. Although normally we should not do ,aundry on erev Shabbos, the poskim say that nowadays that we have washing machines, and it isn’t such a big job to do laundry, if it is needed, it is permitted.
  2. Although we won’t use it unless we know that it is kosher for Pesach, it doesn’t have to be thrown out, and can be saved for after Pesach.
  3. Yes. It is permitted to go to a doctors appointment, and this should not be any differant.

Chag Kasher V’smeach


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