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Pesach questions and Israeli produce


1. Are baby carrots kosher for Pesach without certification. I see that they can be used without additives but how one would one know if there are additives?

2. Can one eat kosher for Passover food (e.g., candy, macarooms, nuts, tuna) erev Pesach even when matzah and matzah meal is not allowed?

3. Does terumah and maaser apply to all Israeli food or just produce? For example, would it apply to gefilte fish or matzah from Israel?

4. What can one do with remaining chometz if there is a relatively significant amount remaining (e.g., open cereal) without breaking the prohibition of wasting?

Thank you



  1. If there are additives it should say it in the ingredients.
  2. Definitely, this is what we eat during those hours.
  3. Terumos and Maasros apply to any produce or products that contain produce from Eretz Yisroel.
  4. Chometz that we are throwing out in order to fulfill Hashem’s mitzva is not considered wasting Hashem’s food. Right now this is what he wants us to do with it.

    Chag Kasher V’sameach






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  1. Thank you. A few follow-ups:

    1. So the carrots are ok if ingredients just say carrots?
    3. What about jarred gefilte fish from Israel that has carrot pieces in it?

    1. Yes.
      If it is says on it that it is Kosher for Passover with a reliable hechsher

  2. If something has reliable certification is israeli food okay to consume as is…jarred gefilte fish with carrots, matzah, etc?

    1. Yes, The supervision includes this issue.

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