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wet toothbrush on Shabbat


Hello, I see various opinions regarding using a wet toothbrush on Shabbat. I looked through the answers here and can’t find an answer regarding why it is acceptable it to some.

Am I correct that some poskim permit using a regular wet toothbrush on Shabbat? What about Yom Tov?


One of the issues with using a wet toothbrush on Shabbos is that the water will get squeezed out from between the bristles, which is sechita. According to most poskim (Igros Moshe O:CH 1-112, Shevet Halevi 5-45, Minchas Yitzchok 3-48, Orchos Shabbos 17 ftnt. 42, Chut Shani – Shabbos 2 pg. 62) it is considered squeezing the water out from between the bristles. Those who are lenient argue that although the water will inevitably get squeezed out, but it is regarding rabbinic injunction, therefore they are lenient. However as stated most poskim do not permit it.
Squeezing water from hair or from between bristles on Yom Tov is the same as shabbos.
Have a good Yom Tov



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