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To be Yoitzeh Sefira with shomeia k’oineh


Hi, on the second night of sefira I was still in middle of shemoneh esrai when the ship got up to sefira. While spacing out during my shemoneh esrai, I heard very clearly the tzibbur recite lshem yichud and the rav say the brocha loud and slow then saw the nights counting. When I finished my personal shemoneh esrai I had to rush out of shul and ended up not remembering to say sefira at all that night or even the following day. Čan I consider that I was yotzei with that Bracha and counting enough to let myself continue counting with a brocha? Shkoyach for your response and Ah gutten moed! ( If possible I would appreciate source also)



Shomeia k’oineh only works if both the person saying and the listener have in mind that the listener will be yotza. In your instance neither you nor the Rov had in mind to be motzei you with the counting. You should hear the bracha from now on with someone else and then count the correct day.




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