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Informing for a constructive purpose


Kavod haRav,
Thank you for your help, I really appreciate it. May someone who received damaged goods from a Jewish-owned business inform the business owner to 1. request a refund and 2. to mention that the (food) item may need to be checked so as to prevent someone from being injured? (The question deals with 1. not informing on a potentially Jewish employee — though I have no reason to believe any employee damaged the goods as they could have simply been damaged in transit…and 2. informing/ lashon hara- somehow using speech inappropriately? It would be for purposes of a refund and preventing harm…) thank you



It is permitted for you to request a refund from the owner. It is not lashon HJora because you are not saying anything negative about anyone, and it is also permitted in order to get your money back and that others shouldn’t get hurt.

Best wishes



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