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covid minyan. individual cubicles with transparent walls enclosed from all sides.


Can the people be combined as a minyan? I left the doorway unzipped. However, some are are enclosed from all sides. even if they are all unzipped is there a problem of combining to her a minyan?



Although ideally all ten people should be in the same place, under the circumstances it is permitted. People davening outside in an open place can join together in a minyan if the ten people can hear the chazzan and they can see each other. Additionally, when davening outside, they should be careful that there shouldn’t be any excrement or other item that we are not allowed to daven next to, because that can be considered a hefsek between the people.


Minchas Yitzchok 2-44, Rivivos Ephrayim 1-45 who says this from a number of poskim.  See Minchas Yitzchok that they should also be careful that a public path should not be running between the people.


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