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Praying for personal things on Shabbos


I know that on Shabbos we are to Honor it by not doing our own ways, from seeking our needs or discussing the forbidden and I want always to Honor the Shabbos to the highest level. Is davening for our desires considered seeking our needs? I know we can pray for Shidduchim on Shabbos, but may we pray for other things also, and if so what may we pray for and what should we avoid praying for to Honor the Shabbos properly?
Thank you Rabbi for your kindness
Chag Kasher v’Sameach



In general we try to abstain from praying for personal things on Shabbos. The reason is because when a person prays it can lead the person to become sad, and Hashem does not want us to be sad on Shabbos. There are however a number of things that we do pray for in Shemona Esrei, all of which are prayers for spiritual things. Additionally, a person that has a specific text which is used, then the poskim say that it is permitted to say that text.

May Hashem help you and answer all of your prayers, and you should also merit to honor the Shabbos correctly


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