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Bracha On fruit tree


Dear Rov
I live in NY and went down to Miami for this past Shabbos so the wife could rest up after Yom Tov
We were looking for a tree to make the Brocha on and someone told us of a Mango tree, which we found and made the Brocha. Than realized that the tree had blossomed already and complete with mango fruits. my question is was it a Brocha Levatala or since the mangos were still green and did not look ripened yet despite the fact they had grown to regular size only very green (Mishna Berurah 226:4) I was yotza . We are going back to NY on Monday so My question is was I yotza or should I make another Brocha Monday in NY?
Thank You



Thank you for your question.

The Mishna Berura that you are quoting says that although it is definitely the preferred thing to make the bracha when the tree only has blossoms, however if that wasn’t done, even if the fruits did grow, as long as they didn’t ripen yet, that you can still say the bracha. Meaning that what you did was not a bracha l’vatala, and you were yotza. Therefore when you get back to N.Y. there is no need for you to do anything.

Have a healthy summer.

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