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Using Maaser Money to pay for college tuition


My unmarried daughter is asking if she can use her maaser money to pay her college tuition loans from a g’mach



Thank you for your question.

In general we don’t use maaser money to pay for personal expanses, and college tuition is a personal expense. In fact, even personal mitzvos such as buying oneself a pair of tzitzis or tefillin does not come from maaser money. This that a loan was taken out from a gemach is not really going to change anything here because it is her personla debt that she is paying off and not a donation to the gemach.

In the zechus of mitzva tzedakah, Hashem should help you find your zivug hagun and have ample parnassa for all of your needs


Rema Y:D 249-1

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    1. The person’s question was not if they are obligated to give maaser or not, but if the payments can be given from maaser.

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