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Laundry On Rosh Chodesh


Since I got married over 10 years ago, I tried not to do laundry on Rosh Chodesh (although sometimes I forgot). As my family grows, I’m finding it increasingly difficult to not do laundry for two days as it really sets me back and I’m overwhelmed the day after. Is it permissible to be lenient on this minhag, and if so, to what degree?



The minhag of women is not to do laundry on Rosh Chodesh, if it is needed you can put the laundry in the machine and your husband or son can push the button to turn the machine on.

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Ohr L’tzion 3-1 (1), Halichos Chaim 2-183 in the name of R’ C. Kanievsky shlit”a, ibid ftnt. 153 quoting R’ Schienberg zt”l, R’ E. Auerbach shlita.

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