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Mopping floor on Shabbos


During Shabbos or Yom Tov kitchen floor gets dirty from shoes. We just spent an hour cleaning it before Shabbos lchvod Shabbos. Is there a preferred way to clean a tile floor when it gets dirty on Shabbos? Water spray and wipe with paper towel?


According to most poskim, it is permitted to spot clean by pouring water on that specific spot, and then wipe it up in a permitted way. Using a paper towel for this is a good idea, because we are not afraid that you might come to squeeze it, since it is not useable after it is wet. Understandably the paper towel may not be deliberately squeezed.

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  1. Does a paper towel have an issue of schita or not? Thank you

    1. While we may not deliberately squeeze it out, on the other hand we are not afraid that you might come to squeeze it.

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