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Parve knife used on dairy equipment


Hello Rabbi,
Today I made the oven parve to cook some salmon which was prepared with onion and garlic powder which was then placed in the parve pan and heated at 425 degrees. Then two separate accidents happened.
First, my daughter took parve french fries and placed them on a dairy pan and which was then placed in the parve oven. This wasn’t an immediate problem at first because everything at this point was on stainless steel and could be re-kashered back to parve later.
But then my daughter took a parve knife to the salmon which was cooked in the same oven as the parve french fries on the dairy pan.
So my two part question is:
1. Did placing the dairy pan to cook parve items in a parve oven make the oven dairy?
2. If the oven is now dairy, did the parve knife become dairy when it had hot contact with the salmon?



Thank you for your question.

The oven is not dairy because of the dry pan, and everything except for the pan is still pareve.

Have a hearty appetite!


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