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Prohibition of Jew going to secular court


Kavod haRav,
Thank you for your help. Regarding a Jewish heir to a non-Jew’s estate-may the Jew allow a lawyer to probate the non-Jewish relatives estate in secular court without involving Beit Din? Would a Beit Din be required to give the Jew an ok to have the lawyer proceed to secular court, or that is not necessary because 1. the deceased relative was not Jewish and 2. no one is contesting the estate and 3. for purposes of the countries laws that the person resides, eventually the estate needs to be sorted in the secular court system to comply with tax laws etc.
May the Jew proceed without involving Beis Din?
Thank you


It is permitted to take care of the issues of the estate and you would not need bais din’s permission. This is because it is not something that bais din can do, therefore it isn’t disrespectful to the bais din.
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