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The function of the Nasssi


What was the function of the נשיאים of the בני לוי ? We find that the נשיאים of the other שבטים helped to count the people and were sent as מרגלים, and בני לוי weren’t involved in that, but I can’t find much about the נשיאים of the בני לוי. thank you



Shevet Levi might not have been counted together with the rest of the Jews, but they were still counted, and the nesiim helped out for that, see Bamidbar 4-34. Additionally the nesiim of Shevet Levi helped out during the times that they were moving from place to place (See Bamidbar 3-16). Aside from this, the nassi was the leader and in charge of taking care of any issue that might have come up during that time, even if they weren’t major issues that were important enough to record for eternity.

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