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Kibud Av V’Em forbidden marriage


Baruch HaShem,

I am unsure of the following. Would a son of a Christian gentile woman and a Jewish man(purportedly a Kohen) fulfill the mitzvah of honoring ones parents if honoring them? I believe it is written the children aren’t consider either of theirs?
I don’t want to honor Reshaim nor idol worshippers. I need a halachic opinion on the matter to ensure I don’t transgress a positive Biblical Mitzvah. I am also planning on converting one day B’Ezrat HaShem so it is relevant beyond my current status. Thank you in advance.



Thank you for your question. You are correct, the child of such a union is not obligated in the commandment of Kibbud av v’em. This does not mean that you should be disrespectful to them. You should however be respectful and cordial to them, however the technicalities of the laws will not apply. Regarding the aspect that they be Rishaim, for that I would need to know more about them.

Best wishes


Y:D 141-8.

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