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Non-Kosher animals that become Kosher


1 – An animal not Kosher who went through a mutation, or an animal not kosher who give birth to a kosher animal, would it be kosher that animal(that was born)?

2 – An animal that is done in laboratory only with embryo(of an animal not kosher), and in the laboratory make an animal example a like cow, would this animal be kosher? Even being born in a non-normal way, like a clone?


Thank you for your question.

At this point your question is merely theoretical. An animal that has kosher characteristics that was born from a non-kosher animal, is still non-kosher according to R’ Eliyashiv zt”l. His reason was because there is a rule that whatever comes out of a tameh item is tameh. Therefore since this animal came from a non-kosher animal it will remain non-kosher.

Regarding if and when they will be able to produce such an animal we will have to consult the great poskim at that time.


There was such a question asked to R’ Eliyashiv zt”l regarding fish. There were genetic, engineers that were able to put scales on to a non kosher fish, and R’ Eliyashiv answered that it is not kosher because “Kol hayotzei min hatameh tameh”, what comes from something not kosher is not kosher, therefore they are all not kosher. Heard from Horav Moshe Vaye Shlit”a.

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