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Tribe affiliation for child of Jewish mother, non-Jewish father


Kavod HaRav,
With regard to tribe affiliation for a daughter of a Jewish mother and non-Jewish father, what tribe would she belong to when Mashiach comes if she is not married at the time? If we do not know which tribe she will belong to, may we know that she will be included in the Jewish nation somehow? Thank you



A person born for a non- Jewish father and a Jewish mother, is a Jew like all other Jews, however he is not subscribed to any specific tribe. In fact, there is such a story in the bible. There was a Jewish woman who born a son from an Egyptian man, and he wanted to settle in a certain area, and he was told that he isn’t part of the tribe. (See Rashi’s commentary to Leviticus 24-10). In truth a Jewish daughter doesn’t really have to worry about this. God willing, she will marry, and she will live with the tribe of her husband.
Best wishes

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