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Hello Rabbi,
After purchasing some packages of food today I noticed some blood on my hands from cuts. I do not see it on the packages but I could have missed it. Is the food inside ok to eat or might some blood (if there) get in? Would it be better not to eat them? thank you



Thank you for your question.

The food is permitted to eat, even if some blood did get on it but you don’t see it, you may eat it. The reason is because although we are not allowed to eat blood, the blood of humans (and fish) are not biblically prohibited. Chazal however said that human blood that separated from the body should not be eaten, but only because it looks like the blood of an animal (maris ayin). Therefore, if the human blood got mixed into something and we can’t find it, it doesn’t look like one is eating animal blood, therefore the food is permitted without a problem. Aside from this, you don’t even know if the blood did get on the food, therefore it is not a concern.

Best wishes



Kesubos 60a, Y:D 66-10.


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