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Can I be yotzei my chiyuv of davening without being able to talk/move my lips?


My doctor suggested jaw surgery, after which my jaw would be wired shut for a few weeks. How do I daven during recovery?


You should daven the best that you can with the immobility that you will have. The halacha is that if at all possible, we have to daven while saying the words from our mouth to the best of your present ability. There are a number of organs that contribute to our speech, and our teeth are only one of them. Most of the syllables are from the throat, lips, and tongue. You will not be able to talk regular, but you will be able to talk partially. Therefore, do the best that you can, the same way you will when you want to tell a family member something.

Hashem should send you a refuah shleima and a quick recovery.


O:CH 101-2, Biur Halacha 101 D:H Blibo


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