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Forgot to have haircut on Lag B’omer


I forgot to have a haircut on Lag B’omer believing I would have enough time before Shabbos. Unfortunately I didn’t have enough time. What can I do under the circumstances?



Thank you for your question.

The minhag of most people is to keep “sefira” for 33 days, there are however four different ways of calculating these 33 days. Many people have the minhag to keep the first 33 days. If you kept the first 33 days, meaning that you didn’t listen to music shave or take a haircut from Pesach until Lag B’omer, then you may take a haircut from Lag B’omer and on. However, if you are keeping a different set of 33 days, then you would wait until it is your minhag to take a haircut.

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O:CH 493-2,3.

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