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Possible chulent splatter on my urn


My crockpot with my chulent boiled over Friday night and landed on my counter. I think maybe some splattered on my hot water urn as well which was maybe about 5 or 6 inches away ( didnt measure its a guess). I have no idea but it looked a little dirty so i assumed. I also have no idea if any got on the spout but it seems maybe some remnants of the spill may have landed on the edges of the urn and especially around it. I don’t know if any steam managed to creep in around the lid but is it now considered fleishig? or can I just wash the outside and still use the hot water for coffee and milk? Thank you.



You can wipe off the urn and use it for coffee and milk. The reason is because the amount of cholent from the small splatters was very minute, and there was 60 times that amount of water in the urn at the time. Additionally, you aren’t even sure if it did indeed spatter on the urn.
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  1. answer is good but it doesn’t answer the question unless your giving the worker non-kosher from the urn.

    1. That was a technical error. The correct answer was inserted

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