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silence= lashon hara?


Kavod HaRav,
Thank you for your help. I am seeking clarification regarding the concept of the importance of silence vs. if someone has something nice to say but they do not say it, it could be considered lashon hara? I may have misunderstood what I heard regarding this concept and am seeking clarification- what obligation if any does a person have to go out of their way to compliment someone if they notice something to compliment and if they do not, is it considered lashon hara? Also, sometimes giving a compliment to someone may embarrass them even if done 1 on one…any advice is appreciated.
Thank you



You can wipe off the urn and use it for coffee and milk. The reason is because the amount of cholent from the small splatters was very minute, and there was 60 times that amount of water in the urn at the time. Additionally, you aren’t even sure if it did indeed spatter on the urn.
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