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“Higher consciousness”



do you find any casher explanation of “higher consciousness”?

the types seem to be…
modified states of consciousness, achieved with the help of meditative psychotechnics;
optimal experience and the “flow” state;
euphoria of a runner;
lucid dreaming;
out-of-body experience;
near-death experience;
mystical experience.

chodesh mevorakh for you.



Chodesh Tov U’mivorach!

It isn’t clear to me what you mean to ask, but according to Judaism, our soul is the main part of us, in fact we are essentially a soul, and our body is really only a covering for our soul. Let’s try to contact and feel our soul.

Consider this. When a person gets insulted, or feels embarrassed, what part of the physical body is embarrassed? What feels good when a person gets a compliment? Do you feel good in your heart? Your head? Does your head feel physically better now? No. It is your neshoma that has all of these feelings.

Another question. Who am I? When someone insults you, you will say “you hurt me”, but if they hurt your hand you will say “you hurt my hand”. When asking yourself who am I, will you turn to your fingernail and say, “this nail is me”? No, you don’t relate to your nails as the personification of your essence. Will you say that you are your hand, or that your hand is a part of you? Next step. Is your stomach you, or is it merely your stomach? No, we don’t look at our stomach as me, rather my stomach- the stomach belonging to me, but not that it IS me.

When we see something, what actual sees, is it the physical fleshy eyeball in out head? It can’t be that eyes actually, because after a person dies, the same piece of meat doesn’t see anything. It is really our neshama that sees through our eyes! When we look at something it is “me” that sees, that me is our soul. When we hear something, it is our should that hears- thru our ears. When we are scared, elated, sad, embarrassed, etc. it is our soul that experiencing these feelings, not out physical body, (Although there may be manifestations to the body, the body is not the main thing experiencing the feeling.) The same thing applies for hearing, it isn’t out physical ear that hears, rather our soul is hearing, through our physical ears.

Judaism teach us that when a person dies, his soul merely separates from his physical body, and now the “real me” is still there, but without the physical bodily covering. It is the body that dies, not the soul Therefore, the soul will still have all of its feelings. In fact, these feeling will be even stronger, because we will not have the physical body causing us static to our feelings.

Now that we have made contact with out soul, we can understand that the reason we didn’t realize this until now was because we have a lot of static and interference from our physical body, which side tracks us from realizing these things. There are mays though to concentrate on the soul, and contact it better, which is really coming in contact with ourselves. By spending time with ourselves, and coming in contact with our soul, we can come to a higher conscience without having to come on to external stimulation to come in contact with ourselves.

Best wishes

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