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Rosh Chodesh


1. When is laundry permitted again after Rosh Chodesh this month? Wednesday
evening? THursday? Thursday evening?

2. If one eats after sundown on Tuesday 5/11night and then only has water until
sundown Wednesday 5/12 , is that permitted or is that considered fasting on rosh
Chodesh? How much would one need to eat it drink for it not to be considered fast?



Rosh Chodesh this month is on Tuesday night- Wednesday, therefore on Wednesday evening, you may do laundry.

You should not fast from the morning of Rosh Codesh until it gets dark, therefore drink some water etc. during the day.

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  1. Right–so my question is whether eating dinner at 8:00 pm after sundown on Tueday and then drinking water during the day and then having dinner after sundown on Wednesday fulfills “not fasting”

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