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Using maaser for sons tutor


I have a 13 year son who struggles academically and he needs a lot of tutoring. Can the money used for tutors be using as miser?

Also myself I learn with a rabbi and overpay him because I want to help him and I normally would never pay someone to learn with, but my intention all along was to help him in an honorable way and I’ll benefit as well. Can I and what % of that 150 NIS per hour can be counted as miser


Regarding your son, since he is struggling and he needs the tutoring in order to know what he is learning, therefore it is considered part of your obligation to teach him torah and you should not use maser for that expense. If the situation would be different, that he doesn’t need the tutoring, and it is given merely to advance him extra, that can be taken from maser because you as his father are not obligated to do this.
Regarding your learning with the he Rabbi, you may take the whole expense from maser. The reason is based on the assumption that you can learn on your own, and that you don’t need the Rabbi to teach you how to learn. Therefore, you are are not obligated to get yourself a tutor. Therefore, you can take the whole expense off maser. The fact that you happen to be gaining from learning with the Rabbi, is a fringe benefit that you have out of your maser money.
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