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Suffering from theft



I just got scammed for 600 dollars. I try to sell my old iPhone 11, so I put it online, a women contact me, and says she want it, and she live near me. So I give her my address, and she come, we meet outside my place. She sit in the car, I talk to her, she look at the phone, and she says she need to plug-in her SIM card to see if it works, but I don’t have that small needle to open the SIM card slot on me, so I go back to to house to get the needle. After I come back, she is gone, with my iPhone11. So I called her, she says she put the phone at the door, but clearly there is no phone at the door. I actually look it for a while and ask her where she put it specifically, she said something, but I already lost my track of thoughts, and start to realize she is a con. I ask her if she just scammed me, and I said I probably will call police about it, she laugh, and let me go ahead and do it. Then I hanged up. The only thing I have about her is her number, and I saw her face, that’s it. I don’t know if call the police thing will work, it not big money after all. And all of this happened just half hour ago.
I post the selling information this afternoon, and received a call from her like half-hour later. I actually thank God and praise God about it. But it turn out a scam.
WHY? Why this happened to me? How can she just do that? Doesn’t she have conscience? Why God let this happen? Why God didn’t protect me or stop that con thief? WHY? I sell my old phone exchange for money to pay my rent, because I have financial situation right now. It is ironic that I don’t have any financial situation during the whole year of pandemic but I have it now. So what? Does God want to live on the street and die? and reward those con criminals with my money? While those evil people live like king? Why? Why this happened to me? Why?! You know, sometimes I just want to go straight to heaven and ask the God WHY, so I don’t have to suffer. Or maybe God just don’t give a care about me, so he watch me suffer and do nothing about it.
God is all good, so why he didn’t help and protect me? God is all powerful, so why he didn’t stop this con? WHY? WHY?



You are very frustrated by what happened, not only from the loss of the $600, but more so that you were fooled and scammed. You are burning mad, and I can relate to your feeling. Unfortunately, we live in a world with a lot of thieves and crime, and therefore full of victims. God created a world in which people have free will, and we all have the choice to do bad or good. God is not stopping all the thieves from stealing, if He would do that, it would take away everyone’s free choice. He allowed the wicked to do what they want, and afterwards he will pay them back for the evil that they did.

God is not rewarding the con artist with your money, he merely allows them to take it, but they will have to pay the steep price of the punishment for the crime that she committed. She stole from you, but next week someone is going to steal a lot more from her, because she has to pay the bill from the crime that she committed. Right now she is temporarily living like a king, until she gets caught, and goes to jail for a few years, together with the rats.

Why did this happen to you is another story. You are burning with the question, WHY? Why did this happen to me? This is a difficult question to answer. God knows exactly what He is doing, and He has a good reason for it which is ultimately for our own good. We don’t know His reasons, but there will be a time that we will get to the next world and we will find out. As I once hear someone say, “when I get to heaven I’ll find out, but I’m not in any rush!”.  I can give you some ideas, but obviously no one can really know or see the truth as to why it happened. If we would be prophets we would know, but unfortunately we aren’t.  Here are some ideas.

It is very possible that the loss of the $600, is because of some sort of sin or harsh decree that was supposed to come to you, and the loss could have been a lot bigger. Thank God the loss wasn’t together with an ailment, or some sort of physical injury. God wasn’t sitting back and watching you get scammed, he did it because He felt that this is something that will help you atone for who knows what. Instead of it being in the next world, it was only in a mere $600, and now it is over with.

Maybe God who knows the your future, wanted you to go thru this experience, to help you appreciate, the evil of sin, and now you will distance yourself from dishonest people and this will make you into a more honest person.

Another point, we believe that God has an exact account of how much money each person is supposed to have. If this thief took away money from you, and you deserve it, God will make sure that you get back the $600 some way or another. He is in total control, and while he allows people to act according to their free will, he will bring the thief to justice, and everyone will have exactly what is coming to them.

Best wishes


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  1. Why God didn’t protect me or stop that con b****?
    Or maybe God just don’t give s*** about me.
    lotsa of nivul peh, at least put * instead

    1. Thank you for the oversite, I thought they were removed before it was posted

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