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Bearing the status of an “orphan”



I am wondering if someone who is now 40 years old, whose father died when he was 14 is considered at an orphan. If he is considered an orphan, I understand I would be required to speak to him in a certain tone and also avoid harsh words.

If you would be able to present one or two of the principles here (how young one must be when a parent dies and how long such a status of being an orphan persists) that would be appreciated!



He would be considered an orphan as long as he feels vulnerable because he doesn’t have a father to protect him. At 40 years old, this feeling would have already dissipated. As a side point, if you see that he is a sensitive person, you should be careful the way you talk to him, even if he isn’t technically considered an orphan. The same way we should be careful with the way we talk to any person that is sensitive.
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