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Silicon-covered spoon stirring onions in Dairy pot


I stir-fried onions in an Eino Ben Yomo dairy pot using a pareve Silicon-covered spoon. Is the spoon now dairy? Thank you



Thank you for your question.

It depends at which point you used the spoon to stir the onions. IF the inoins were already getting soft, and already lost their sharp taste, then you would not consider the spoon dairy. However if they were stirred at the beginning of their frying then the spoon would be considered dairy. Even if the spoon is considered dairy, you can kasher it. Tis is done by waiting 24 hours from when it was used, washing it well, and inserting it into a pot of water that is boiling. Keep it there for a few second until the boil returns to the water, remove it, rinse it with cold water and it is kashered.

Best wishes


Nachlas Shiva siman 68 brought in Bee’r Hetiv Y:D 96-4, Pri Megadim Y:D S:D 96-9, Aruch Hashulchan Y:D 96-20.


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