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Siyum on most of mesechta


If one is not sure that he finished a mesechta, can he make a siyum anyways?
(I saw that Rav SZ Auerbach allows this – Halichos Shlomo Erev Pesach 8,2. I am asking for a baal teshuva that I learn with. I want to know if one can rely on this – it will give him much chizuk. And in general can one rely on this.) Thank you!



R’ S. Z. says that even if there is a little bit left over that was mistakenly not done, he may make a siyum, since he does have the simcha of “finishing”. Especially in your situation, where it will give him a big chizuk. R’ S. Z. is big enough to rely on.

Mazal Tov


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