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Possible treif knife in dishwasher


We found a stainless steel butter knife in the dishwasher that doesn’t match any of our existing sets. I don’t know how it got here. My mother lives with us (who isn’t Jewish because we’re converts); she said she gave all her dinnerware away. It also may be from a some less observant friends who sometimes bring food over even though they know we keep kosher and ask them not to. In any event, I found a knife that doesn’t belong to us while emptying the dishwasher after the cleaning cycle. It was one of the last things I found & now can’t exactly remember what was taken out of the dishwasher. What should I do?



Thank you for your question.

Don’t worry, there is no need to do anything. The reason is because you don’t even know if it is treif or not. Additionally it could have been without any residue on it, and even if it did have some residue, it would be botil in the rest of the water and dishes. Additioanlly you most probably used soap, which would make any taste tasteless.

Havea good Shabbos



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