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Chodosh, kelim


As is known, from after Pesach usually until August, everything is considered vadai yoshon outside of Eretz Yisroel.
The question arises if it is permitted to purchase items, for example, instant oatmeal, or noodles, etc, which were not produced with yoshon ingredients, but now, at this time of the year, are nevertheless yoshon.
Do we say that the kelim and machinery used to produce them become forbidden because it was vadai chodosh, and therefore everything that is made with these kelim and machinery also becomes forbidden, similar to the laws of treif?



Thank you for your question.

The Mishna Berura 498-48 writes that although we should be careful regarding Chodosh, however we are not makpid on the utensils that absorbed chodosh unless it is clear that it is Chodosh. Even if it is clearly Chodosh, if the utensils or machinery was not a ben yomo from the Chodosh food, we don’t have be concerned about it. Therefore, the machinery that was used to process that yoshon wheat is not problematic.

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