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Meat with fishy BBQ sauce


I accidently cooked, ate and served to others meat that was grilled using BBQ sauce that contains fish. What should I do?
Also, is the grill effected in any way?



Thank you for your question.

In retrospect I don’t think there is anything that you can do except regular teshuva, and that you should be more careful about this in the future.  Regarding the grill, you only need to clean it without the need to kasher it, because even if it was used for fish, a meat pot may be used for fish. As a side point, if the amount of fish in the sauce was less than1/60th of the sauce, the meat was permitted to eat. It is for this reason that the O.U. writes the word “fish” on Worcestershire sauce if it contains more than 1/60th fish, but if it has less than that amount then they only write anchovies in the ingredients.

Best wishes


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